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Supply Chain Management Software Solutions

KOL Corporation: Delivers profit to your Supply Chain

KOL Corporation  is the major distributor of G.O.L.D. ® Software in the Gulf, Middle East, North Africa and South Asia regions.

G.O.L.D. ® Software is a set of products from Company.

GOLD Software is a complete solution for the supply chain for the retail, wholesale and 3 rd party logistics industry . The solution enables retailers to gather, manage and analyze their complex data to reduce costs and optimize returns.

G.O.L.D. ® Software is a complete offer, consisting of software, which is based on state-of-the art technologies, and a full range of services – an integrated solution which can deliver immediate and tangible benefits to your organization.

Competitive advantage is the high ground today and with G.O.L.D. ® Software , many prestigious companies worldwide are currently profiting from its benefits.

Major Clients:

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G.O.L.D ® Software Modules:
G.O.L.D. ® Central Controlling your Supply Chain
G.O.L.D. ® Shop Back Office Management
G.O.L.D. ® Stock Integrating your Logistics Network in your Supply Chain
G.O.L.D. ® Forecast Sales Forecasting
G.O.L.D. ® Topase Stock Replenishment Optimization
G.O.L.D. ® Mobile Store Mobility