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Sales Forecasting


G.O.L.D. Forecast is the application module of G.O.L.D ® Software family which ensures Optimal Sales Forecasting for permanent and promotional products.


G.O.L.D. ® Forecast is a comprehensive decision support tool. Sales Forecasting can be managed for the following horizons:

  • Short-Term (Operational Level)
  • Medium Term (Tactical level)
  • Long Term (Strategic Level)

G.O.L.D. ® Forecast is a powerful support tool for to optimize the estimation of future consumer's demands.

This information is critical for Purchasing and Replenishment and enables the reduction of operating and logistics costs whilst still respecting the commercial and marketing constraints of the sales outlet.

G.O.L.D ® Forecast integrates powerful functions:
  • Evaluate Sales Outlet Budget
  • Optimize Replenishment
  • Build Promotions

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