Company Profile

KOL Corporation FZ - LLC is an information technology company that develops, customizes and implements business solutions and products across different verticals and technologies.

KOL with its sixth year of operations has a team of over 50 people best defined as talented, enthusiastic, committed and driven. This team comprises of people with outstanding computer science and specialist business domain backgrounds.  

Solutions Domain:

KOL has served the technology needs of customers in industries across various domains i.e. e-Governance, Corporate Portals/Intranet, Retail Supply Chain, Property Management, Logistics, Banking, etc. It has consolidated its position as a provider of select but premium information technology services in a short time. KOL's list of clients is in fact a Who's Who, ranging from Government, Multinationals and Regional Corporate Powerhouses. Their confidence in KOL can be seen from their repeated engagements that they have been coming time to time for either enhancements or new projects.