Lifco, Sharjah – U.A.E.

The Lifco group was established over five decades ago and has successfully grown into a premier company, accomplished a leader status in the marketing, distribution, logistics and trade of world portfolio of food products and allied services.

Lifco has approached KOL in order to maintain their leading position in the market.

KOL is in charge:
  • Consulting on Effective Corporate Strategy
    a) To assess & improve corporate strategy, planning & objectives, corporate culture, structure & operations
    b) Audit and study to analyse and review the current strategy and organizational structure in order to
    - Present findings, strength & weakness, opportunities and threats
    - Propose remedy in terms of strategic decisions and operations implementation
    - Propose implementation recommendation.

  • Consulting on Brand Recognition & Portfolio analysis.
    a) To analyse, study & provide brand evaluation and mapping.
    b) To determine Brand portfolio, architecture diagnosis and recommendation.
    c) To define a portfolio strategy : (Profitability, Promotion and Partnership)
    d) To propose a dashboard and score card analysis.