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Retail Solutions | G.O.L.D. ® Mobile


Store Mobility


G.O.L.D. ® Mobile provides real-time mobility and connectability to G.O.L.D. ® Central and G.O.L.D. ® Shop. It is dedicated to mobile “Shopfloor” operations in the in-store environment.

Based on advanced Web Technology, it is directly connected to the Central Database.

It is available on multiple types of mobile peripherals:

  • Tablet PC
  • PDA

G.O.L.D. ® Mobile simplifies in-store operations by providing mobility to the execution of G.O.L.D ® transactions.

The principal transactions provided include:
  • Ordering
  • Receiving
  • Price Control
  • Labeling
  • Inventory
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Shrinkage (Damage Goods)
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