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Property Management Enterprise (PME) Solution

KOL has proudly unveiled it's much awaited Property management solution (PME). PME is a comprehensive property management solutions designed for Retail Realty organizations (Property, Real estate, Mall, FM, Events Marketing & PR) to streamline their business processes. The solution outfits all the needs of the respective businesses and has been endorsed by domain specialists’ expertise in implementing best of industry practices.

PME can be broadly categorized in following modules:

  • Business Process Management (BPM)
    • A parameterized Rule based Centralized management of the application.
    • Central core which Manages Business processes, workflows, data
      inventory, templates and business rule definitions.
    • Business Driven approach to the entire application.

    Profile Management

    • Module to create the profiles (Roles) within the organization i.e. Property Manager, Technical administrator, Service Co-coordinator, Planning Engineer etc
    • The entire process is broken into micro steps.
    • Privileges are assigned to the roles.

    Workflow Management

    • The workflow engine to control the process across all the modules.
    • The authorization and the rules are govern by the workflow engine.
  • Property Leasing & Sales Management (Residential & Commercial)
    • Manages Property Sales & Leasing
    • Business Process control Automation
    • Outlook integration
    • Authorizations control.
    • Notifications, Alerts & Reminders
    • Residential & Commercial Property Management.
  • Real Estate and Tenant Management.
    • Real estate Management
    • Agents Management
    • Unique way of handling Portfolio, Landlord, developments, building, units, amenities Management.
    • Tenant and account Management module
  • Finance Module.
    • Contract Management
    • Invoice & Finance Management.
    • Mall Management & unit Setup Module.
    • Sales & Lease Management & Administration.
    • Tenant Management
      • Contract Management
      • Invoicing
      • Project Management (Fit-Out Period)
      • Tenant Module
    • Facility & Infrastructure Management (Archibus Inc.)
    • Events & Promotions Management.
    • POS Integration.

  • Project Sales Management
    • Controls the Property/Project/ Plot sales process
    • Pre licensing and licensing process automation.
    • eServices Management.
    • Customizable Workflow
    • Property sales/ re sale automated process
    • Authorizations/ approvals management

  • MIS
  • A comprehensive MIS section shared by all the modules to give business and power users information for business analysis & to manage their processes in better way. The parameterized reporting section gives users the option to retrieve and utilize most relevant data.

  • Integration with ERP, CRM & Other Legacy Systems.
  • The solution is well equipped to be integrated with existing ERP, CRM or any other solution. GAP analysis can be done on request.