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Integrating your logistics Network in your Supply Chain


G.O.L.D. Stock is the logistics execution module of the G.O.L.D ® Software for retailers, wholesalers, industrial groups and logistics service providers.

G.O.L.D. ® Stock is a Warehouse Software for the management, control, execution and processing of logistics operations providing multi-site, multi-organizational, multi-principal, multi-system and multi-lingual capabilities.

Managing all Physical and Information flows.
Processing is controlled and executed for one or more warehouses within a logistics network in local and / or in centralized mode.

In addition G.O.L.D. ® Stock manages storage, integrates with Warehouse automation and provides optimal order preparation, productivity tracking. It enables permanent visibility from reception through to dispatch, improved planning and full traceability.

Click on the Image for Warehouse Executions System Process.

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