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Stock Replenishment Optimization


G.O.L.D. ® Topase is the application module of G.O.L.D ® Software family which ensures Optimal Stock Replenishment in your warehouse:

G.O.L.D. ® Topase is the optimization tool used by the purchaser. It uses consumption forecasts and all logistic limitations to plan and execute supplier orders.

The implementation of G.O.L.D. ® Topase involves both quantitative and qualitative challenges.

Quantitative challenges:
  • Reduction of Stocks and Storage Costs
  • Optimum use of quantitative price scales
  • Increase in profits (due to speculative orders)
  • Inclusion of inbound transport in the cost analysis
Qualitative challenges:
  • Improved service through reduction of outages
  • Smoothing of the reception load
  • Increase in productivity
  • Improved product follow-up
  • Improved relations with suppliers

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